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Naomi Gosch

PJ has held the office of Ambulance Captain and Ambulance Lt. for the Fire Company. She has also held the offices of Vice-President, Secretary, and Assistant Treasurer on the Auxiliary side. She has held every office for the Kent County Ambulance Association and has been Secretary and 2nd Vice-President for the Delaware State Ambulance Association for which she is the current 1st Vice-President. PJ was appointed to the Kent County Fire Advisory Board and serves on two committees with the DVFA (Advisory to the SFPC for EMS and Fire Corp) During her membership she was awarded the DSAA EMS Heroic award in 1977, the DVFA Hall of Fame in 1978 and 2007, and the DSAA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006. On the Auxiliary side she was awarded Most Active Member in 2000, the Jeannine Dobry Award in 2002, and has been in the Top Ten on many occasions.