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Entry# 10: Jerry Wales
Location:  BOWERS ,
Department:  BFC
Comments:  Sites looks good lets hope it gets updated frequently.
Sign Date:  December 22, 2008

Entry# 9: Brittney Mace
Location:  Frederica,
Department:  Sta.40 Ladies Aux.
Comments:  The website is great. You did a great job with everything you put on here. I especially love the memory page. My grandmother looks beautiful. Thanks also for all the support from the Ladies Aux. and the Fire Co. though the tough times of losing my son. I appreciate all of it.
Sign Date:  December 8, 2008

Entry# 8: Donna Smith
Location:  Chincoteague, Accomac
Comments:  I would like to thank everyone who helped for their time. My father, Robert Lee Yoder, died November 16, 2008 and everyone helped us in so many ways with his memorial service. I don't know if I could have done it without your help and guidance. Everything happened just as we wanted it to. Thank You to: Debbie Morris, Eileen Howell, Mary Burgholzer, Cathy Mosley, Steph Wales, Paige Dennison, Ann Spence, Kim Jackson, Doris Morris, Mike and PJ Gosch and anyone else that I missed. We'll never thank you enough!
Sign Date:  December 5, 2008

Entry# 7: Ron Vanaman
Location:  Lima , PA USA
Department:  Lima Fire Co.
Comments:  Very impressive! Good looking site.. In all sincerity... I do miss all of you.. and hopefully I will return for a visit.

Deputy69 Ron Vanaman

Sign Date:  December 4, 2008

Entry# 6: Lee Jackson Past Chief
Location:  Bowers Beach, USA
Department:  Sta.40
Comments:  Great job! A lot better then the last one.
Sign Date:  December 4, 2008

Entry# 5: Edward Semans
Location:  Magnolia, De USA
Department:  Past Chief Magnolia
Comments:  Great looking website
Sign Date:  November 28, 2008

Entry# 4: Barbara Seibert
Location:  Frederica,, DE
Department:  Bowers Ladies Auxiliary
Comments:  What a beautiful job was done with the website. I already put it in my favorites. GREAT JOB !!!!!!!
Sign Date:  November 25, 2008

Sign Date:  November 25, 2008

Entry# 2: Jeffery Dennison
Department:  Bowers Fire Co
Comments:  I think you did a great job lets keep it going strong
Sign Date:  November 25, 2008

Entry# 1: Jason Capps
Location:  Frederica, DE
Department:  Bowers Fire
Comments:  Nice website!
Sign Date:  November 24, 2008

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